30% Off Membership for Women’s Month this August!

August is Women’s Month in South Africa!

This is the month where an entire country brings voice to the support, encouragement and empowerment of women. And that’s exactly what we aim to do every day of the year here at the Cafinnate Academy.

So please take some time today and every day this month to honour yourself and the inspiring women in your life.

Send yourself and them a gift of gratitude, either silently from the heart as a thankful thought and feeling, or in tangible form such as a spa treatment, or new shoes, or a responsibility free afternoon. Whatever is meaningful for you and signifies the acknowledgment of your own brilliance.

I’m so grateful for you and all the other women who have shaped me into the woman I am today and I’ve committed to passing on that gift in everything I do.

One such woman who has significantly impacted my self identity is this month’s guest expert Marilu Gabba – an Intimacy Coach who’s masterclass is helping us marry business and pleasure by cultivating our feminine energy to elevate our business.

Cultivating Feminine Energy to Elevate Business

In this Masterclass, we will flip the traditionally masculine model of business on its head to explore what feminine energy in business might look like.

  • How can you cultivate your creative energy by focusing on your innate sexuality?
  • How can you learn to let pleasure be your guiding force?
  • How do you access your own wisdom through your body?

Marilu Gabba, an Intimacy Coach and owner of FireMaya, addresses these questions, paving the way for further research and giving you a simple daily practice to help you connect with your self.

Members of the Cafinnate Academy also get 15% off Marilu’s coaching fees.


30% Off Membership for Women’s Month this August!

If you’d like access to this Masterclass, or any of the other masterclasses, online courses, downloadables, printables, special offers, stock image library, or the private CCA community, find out more and sign up at www.confidentcreativeacademy.com⁠.

During August 2019, in honour of Women’s Month, you get 30% off your monthly membership fee if you sign up before 31st August 2019 and use the coupon code WOMENSMONTH30 when registering.

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How are you celebrating Women’s Month?

Now we’d love to hear from you – how are you honouring yourself and the other special women in your life this Women’s Month? Let us know, and if you’re in business leave a link in the comments below…

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