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Archetype Compass

Working with Archetypes provides you with insight and information that sparks awareness of yourself and others, which in turn gives you a tool through which you can document, understand and makes sense of the journey you find yourself on.

With this awareness of yourself (and others), the psychologically based Archetype framework is a critical tool in building a personal brand that’s not only aligned to your own personal virtues but also connecting directly to the fears and desires of your intended audience.



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The FREE Archetype Online Assessment Tool

This psychology-based, 84 question assessment tool determines your dominant archetype so that you can finally understand yourself as a means to helping you connect more deeply with your audience while growing your personal brand identity and communication strategy with confidence.

PLUS…on top of knowing yourself better…
you’ll also understand your audience better!

Which means you’ll be able to speak to the EXACT fears, desires, strengths and shortcomings that they experience on a daily basis.
It’s like having a universal human psychology user-manual in your pocket!

🌟 No more wondering what to talk about on social media…
🌟 No more writer’s blocks on your blog…
🌟 No more excuses for not showing up on video to spark a conversation… 

…because when you understand how archetypes work for you and your audience, you’ll have an endless supply of topics to talk about in a way that resonates deep within the core of the people you were put on this planet to help.

With the insight you gain from knowing the archetype framework, you’ll be able to change people’s lives…

and your own!

When you sign up to download the Archetype Compass you’ll go on the WAITING LIST for the free online Personal Brand Archetype Assessment Tool that’s been helping my 1-1 clients gain understanding and confidence in themselves and their Personal Brand Strategy.

If you can’t wait till then, book a 1-1 session now, and access the assessment tool immediately!