What’s your Archetype?

Archetypes are universal stories that show up in human lives.

 Working with archetypes can be extremely rewarding because they help us make sense in a world when many things often don’t, and helps us show up as more of who we really are.

The Innocent

The Explorer

The Sage


The Queen

The Creator

The Caregiver

The Entertainer

The Lover

The Realist

The Crusader

The Catalyst

The Outlaw



  • Increased self-awareness
  • Aligning to experiences that fulfil & bring meaning to your life
  • Improving personal, business and community relationships
  • Expanding and exploring your own perspectives, abilities and opportunities that might otherwise have been ignored
  • Turning habitual limiting ruts into empowering paths
  • Providing a compass for you direct the course of your journey through life

… and the benefit we’re most excited about is the confidence it gives you when building your Personal Brand! 

Find out YOURS today!