5 tips that will help you get the basics of marketing covered – P.S. Social Media Comes Last

We all know that social media is the most obvious ‘go to’ for all things marketing. Or so we have been told.

Have you heard this before?

“If you don’t have a social media presence or you’re not posting a gazillion times a month, you’re losing out and basically dead in the water”.

Then we work.

And we work to get that all important social media presence going. And it takes so much longer than we ever thought it would.

You tick the tick boxes – have I got the right logo size and banner, have I invited my friends to like my page, have I got the basic overview of my business in place?

The preliminary work is done. And now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the leads to start rolling in.

Right. Well not exactly.

Social Media is one small portion of what you should be doing when you start marketing your business.

It fits into the other bits and pieces that form part of the puzzle. So yes, we are actually building a puzzle.

Social Media comes last.

There are other actions that you should have put in place before you start stressing about your social media profile.

Here are 5 tips that will help you get the basics of marketing covered first:

1. Naming convention:

Is your business name on point?  Have you thought about your business name in context to your customers? Will they know what you do or will you have to explain it to them.  Your business name should be clear – not too long, not too difficult to pronounce and easy to remember. If we want our customers to remember who we are, let’s make it as easy for them.

Don’t compare your business to the big corporates or giants, like Apple or Nike. What we need to remember is that when they started out they weren’t memorable or well-known. They had to work at their business and brand identity for years. And only with big investors, bit budgets, big advertising and marketing campaigns, did they get to the point that they were well-known. And that didn’t happen overnight.  So don’t call your business “Zen Metrics” if you selling financial solutions. There is no connection between financial services and the name. In fact, it sounds more like a yoga retreat where you go to get into the Zen mode and measure your experience afterwards. Or is that just me?

2. Logo clarification:

Does your logo mean anything to you? Are you proud of it? How do you want your customer to see your brand (yes, you’ve guessed – it’s all about your customer).  If we took a logo from Google and mixed it up in PowerPoint, I think most people would know. Rather spend some time understanding your business objective before you leap into the design phase.

Get a clear understanding of what you offer, your business objective, what makes your product or service unique, etc. Start your process with the simple marketing mix strategy. Work through the 4 P’s to help you streamline your business and marketing objective from the get-go.

3. Keep it simple sunshine

Don’t try and be everything to everybody. By that I mean, don’t add too many colours, fonts, images, styles, offers and copy to your brand and brand identity. If you try and make everyone happy, you risk losing everyone. Steer away from the crowded and confusing brand identity and chose simplicity.
The most prominent worldwide brands embrace simplicity. Think Apple, Nike, etc. They know that in a world where media overwhelms consumers, you have to offer less to be seen more. If there is too much going on in your adverts, on your website, in your brochures, we actually just skip past the detail and simply switch off.

4. Be consistent

Take the time to make sure everything within your marketing, conveys the same look, feel and messaging. Be sure to use the same logo on all your marketing material. This includes the same colour tone, same sort of imagery and the same tone.

Be consistent and conscious of how your customer will interpret their experience with your brand and YOU. Is it contained with a professional brand identity that conveys your business and your products? Is it easy to remember or a total train wreck?

5. Online vs offline

Your marketing plan is not solely dependent on social media. You need to consider online and offline marketing opportunities.
Break up your marketing plan into a mind map and plot out all the various online and offline marketing initiative that you feel will get your ideal customer to notice you and want to do business with you. It’s not just about your online presence; it’s also about how you interact with your customer.

For example, how do I present myself when I am sitting with my customer? What sort of customer service do I provide? Would my customer be happy to give me a recommendation or an endorsement?

This does not just come from social media. Facebook is one arm in your overall marketing plan and it is imperative that you review and list as many opportunities as possible.

About the Author:

Judith Ancketill

Founder of comma marketing

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  1. Thank you Abigail. I had such fun writing this article (which was on my to-do list forever). There it is and I hope that the members find some value in the article.

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      Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge! A great read indeed!

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