Best foods for balanced hormones

Hormonal imbalance is a normal thing during puberty and a lot of people face this issue after it as well. There is nothing out of the blue about it and trust me, you are not alone. Many women have no idea about what symptoms they face when they are experiencing hormonal imbalance.

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If you have sore breasts, water retention, extreme fatigue in periods and heavy mood swings, almost all the time or too often then you should know that your body is experiencing hormonal imbalance. Thus, we have lined up some foods that do wonders to bring great hormonal balance in your body. A healthy lifestyle and body all begins with wonderful eating habits, therefore, you must know what you are eating and how it is affecting you. Here are top 9 best foods for hormone health and how they benefit you in the process.

Green Tea:

Green tea is famous for doing wonders, isn’t it? It helps you in various body functions and it is considered great for hormone health as well. Green tea basically lowers the estrogen production in your body which controls and balances the hormones. Thus, having one cup of it in the morning or in evening can really be your best and healthiest beverage ever.


Fish is filled with the best Omega 3 fatty acids and it aids in reduction of inflammation and also brings hormonal equilibrium in the body. It is also famous for enhancing fertility. Thus, it is a wonder food for all the women out there who might be facing hormonal imbalance.

Fermented Food:

Our digestive tract is filled with complex microorganisms which play a huge role in contributing to our hormonal balance. Fermented foods come packed with bacteria that aids in balancing hormones.


Broccoli, radish, cauliflower, spouts and kale are some of the best veggies that you can opt for if you are looking forward to boost hormonal balance. These enhance healthy estrogen which is great for metabolism.


This herb is a wonderful food for boosting good hormone health. It brings great liver functioning along with helping in detoxification of estrogen. You can simply add rosemary to your food by sprinkling a dash of it in your next meal.


Who doesn’t love mushrooms? They aid in reducing the over production of estrogen. Simply sauté some mushrooms and add them to your next day.


Protein intake is very important to bring hormonal balance. It boosts overall health also. Salmon, meat and spinach are some of the best forms of taking in protein. Make sure that you cook it in just a little bit of oil so that it doesn’t harm your health otherwise.


Flaxseed and lignans are amazing super foods. They bring the estrogen production low and also boost metabolic health. Just add a bit of flaxseed powder to your breakfast and you will notice a good and positive change in your body and you might be more energetic as well.


Just like vegetables are very important for good health, it is very vital to add fruits to your diet too. Fruits are filled with nutrients and antioxidants which are extremely essential for balancing hormonal health and maintaining it too. As fruits have natural sugar in them, it is very important to limit your intake and make sure that you don’t take more than 2 servings per a day.

About the Author:

I am the founder of Perfect Symphony. I am a Life Coach that works with women that are struggling with hormonal imbalances causing them to have sleepless nights, fatigue, low sex drive, weight issues and so many other issues that come with hormonal imbalances. I help women take control of their health and wellness using natural methods through simple and affordable lifestyle changes. I help women to restore intimacy with their partners by helping them tackle their low libido naturally. I help women fight anxiety, mood swings and emotional imbalance through changes to their diet. I do all this by encouraging and supporting them to implement simple achievable steps that will help them thrive so that they can live a healthier and happy life. Follow Tate on Facebook  and Instagram.

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