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Oudtshoorn, South Africa

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Abigail Klopper

Abigail K

Personal Branding


I help coaches, speakers and authors over 40 build their personal brand with confidence and clarity so that they can get visible and reach the folks who need them.
Using a psychological foundational framework we journey together to build a Personal Brand Mix that’s strategic and expresses your connection with your audience through aligned visual content in a context that’s as unique as you are.
From Personal Brand Archetype Assessment, to online Clarity Sessions, to Photo and/or Video Shoots through to website design – your confident Personal Brand will help you reach and transform the lives of the people who’re waiting for you to light their path.
I’m here to shine the light on you. Let’s grow your personal brand.

Products & Services Offered:

⭐️ Photography & Videography

⭐️ Website Design

⭐️ Personal Branding Strategy


Abigail’s Latest Blog Posts

Remote Photo Shoots wherever you are in the world

View a a behind the scenes look at a Remote Photo Shoot. I’m in Oudsthoorn, my client (and friend) Tracy Gold is in New York!
This is a great interim option, or for some people like my overseas clients, an alternative to traditional photo sessions.
If you’re interested in booking your own remote photo shoot, then watch this video to see what you can expect

The Importance of Sharing Your Personal Brand story

You have a story tell.
Whether you’re an author, and aspiring author or you’re neither of those.
You have a story to tell.
Your story has meaning. Your story has value. Your story exists for a reason.
Watch this video

Personal Brand Archetype Assessment

My years of experience in offering Personal Brand shoots for women from all over the world has given me a unique insight into the needs of a woman who’s intent on making an impact on the world. Learning about their own Personal Brand archetype helps them do exactly that.

Recent Reviews

Having been a part of Abigail’s Cafinnate Community and also having worked with her on various other projects, I can say Abigail truly walks her talk. She is amazing at encouraging people to become the best and most effective versions of themselves, both personally and in business. I absolutely LOVE being part of a community of women, where we can share openly – the good, the bad and the ugly. It is an uplifting and positive group where growth happens without even realizing it. Thank you Abi for all you do for us women.

Alison Deary

Abigail is a force to be reckoned with – and if you have her on your team, your personal brand will shine bright. Abigail is the Queen of Personal Branding – from creating and curating beautiful photographs which are totally on brand, to creating a unique strategy on how to make your personal brand voice unique and stand out among the noise in the online space to helping you understand yourself and your client first to get your messaging on point all combined with connecting like-minded female entrepreneurs to connect and grow together.

Fiona Fitzpatrick

I had a personal branding session with Abigail and it was one of the best investments I have made in myself and my business. Her detailed feedback was invaluable and she asked me deep questions that really made me think about my brand and what I offer. I highly recommend a session with her.

Di Atherton
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