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Cape Town, South Africa

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Cherine Mac Pherson

The Bookkeeping Company

Finance, Accounting Software, Business


I am a single Mom to a creative teenage daughter, I have never thought I was creative, but I am creative with numbers, I find stories in the numbers. Each of your businesses has a story. I love to read books, I love to swim and I am working on my business to become totally online so that I can enjoy my other love which is to travel and to work where -ever I feel like it.
I am celebrating 10 years as the owner of The Bookkeeping Company, I work with companies to keep their bookkeeping up to date, keep them compliant with all necessary government bodies. My passion is to teach people to do there own bookkeeping and to teach them about profit, not the word on your Financial Statements but the profit you have in your bank account. To help businesses to turn their businesses from having huge overdrafts to be a cash business with lots of money in the bank.

Products & Services Offered:

⭐️ Bookkeeping Services

⭐️ Company Registrations and Amendments

⭐️ Sage One Training

⭐️ Sage One Support


Recent Reviews

Cherine did a great job of helping my husband and his business partner register their business. She took out all the headaches for them and left them to focus on the service side of their business, while she got on with ensuring they were set up in the correct way.
Thank you for a great service Cherine!


I have know Cherine since she started her business – we were in a small network group together. Over the years she has given me much advice, and last year I decided it was time I needed someone to assist with my VAT and financials, and of course Cherine was the obvious choice. I know that my returns will always be submitted on time and that I never have to worry about dealing with SARS and always have expert advice and guidance whenever I need it.

Alison Deary
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