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Cape Town, South Africa

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📱 0723894128

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Kim Heyburgh

My Forever Bears

Keepsake Crafts


Clothing, linen and fabric accessories can hold very special memories for us, but we often end up storing them in the cupboard as they are no longer fit for practical use. They represent special people or pets, special occasions, milestones in life and even places we’ve left behind. By making a bear or a cushion from the very fabric of these items, you can then display and cuddle those memories once more in your lounge or bedroom

Products & Services Offered:

⭐️ Memory Bears

⭐️ Memory Cushions

⭐️ Teddy Bear Hospital

⭐️ Craft Classes

Kim hosts a FREE monthly Cafinnate Meetup & Confident AF FB Live Session




Recent Reviews

Kim created the most beautiful Teddy Bear as a surprise gift for my Mom. My niece and nephew live overseas and I had mentioned to Kim that I wanted to bring back some of their clothes after my next visit. I brought back a few items of clothing that they’d grown out of and gave them to Kim to do her magic. I had NO IDEA how beautifully the teddy bear would turn out and my Mom absolutely LOVED her very special Christmas gift. Completely unique, so sentimental and beautifully hand-crafted to boot.


Kim has a very special talent when it comes to her Care Bears. I have seen the love and passion that goes into creating these amazingly comforting and beautiful memories out of bits and pieces.

Alison Deary
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