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Cape Town, South Africa

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Judith Ancketill

comma marketing



At comma marketing, we create marketing that fits into your world.
Creating great marketing solutions according to our customers unique business, is at the heart of everything we do and what our agency stands for.
We follow a process that works. We believe that creativity, delivery and a clear strategy should work together to align your business and marketing goals into one. Our end to end offer includes research, strategy, identify, planning, implementation and management.
We know it’s the best way to figure out what really matters to you and then build a plan that makes sure your business and your message reaches the people it needs to reach.
comma marketing works with a diverse range of customers and we are not limited to a specific industry. And work with our customers to really understand what challenges they are facing and apply our creative and strategic knowledge to help them in a very practical way. We work with customers to continually strengthen their brands by offering digital, brand and social media marketing and management.

Products & Services Offered:

⭐️ Digital Marketing

⭐️ Brand Management

⭐️ Social Media Management

⭐️ Marketing Consultation


Judith’s Latest Blog Posts

The question – what’s the difference between an influencer and a brand ambassador?

They look the same, they dress the same. They appear to be doing the same things. We’re just not sure.

The question – what’s the difference between an influencer and a brand ambassador?

We’ve had numerous clients ask us that question. And it’s a perfectly good question. With the trend in making use of ‘persons’ to market your product or service, it’s important to know what you’re spending your money on.

If I was your customer, how would you make me feel?

When last did your favorite brand make you feel special? And what did they do that was unique and out of the ordinary? Did they make you feel famous, take your photo or roll out the red carpet? Customer Service is so important and how we make our customers feel, should be a top priority .

I am a particularly fussy shopper and I hate bad service. But we can learn from that. If I was your customer, these are the 3 things I wish you would do as a brand.

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