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Somerset West, South Africa

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Melanie Britz

Personal growth


Melanie is the author of two books, a keynote speaker whose passion is to help people live their best lives now and Facilitator. She offers various courses, tools, training and events, including Conscious Time Mastery – A free course helping you heal the past, empower the present and consciously create the future, the Build your first online Course-course – Assisting entrepreneurs to move their genius online, the 33-day I-CAN Manifest challenge – To shift your money mindset, create new habits and neurological pathways in your brain to manifest your money potential! She also offers Akashic and card readings, for guidance and deep soul healing.

Products & Services Offered:

⭐️ 33-Day I can Manifest challenge – online course

⭐️ Build your first course – online course

⭐️ Dive in – Unlocking happiness and miracles – book

⭐️ Akashic readings


Melanie’s Latest Blog Posts

Dear fellow journeyers into the void

A message to my fellow journeyers into the void of uncertainty: I’m sure there is great value in uncertainty, yet I have always struggled to embrace it.
I’m sure it is wonderful to be able to enter the void where nothing makes sense and the way forward is obscured, with nothing but happiness and courage in your heart.
I have never been able to do that.

I found the key to happiness and it’s immersion

To be happy, one has to immerse oneself fully in more moments of one’s life, instead of running around, skipping over the edges of it. Immersion is the price we have to pay, to reclaim our lives from our pain and the expectations of the world. Immersion is the key and opportunity we are offered, to re-engage with our souls.

Being featured as a Mover and Shaker by Trading and Entrepreneur magazine

Trading and Entrepreneur Magazine did a Movers and Shakers feature on me in their latest edition which just came out (and I also contributed an article about Two essential mindset shifts entrepreneurs can make to have and make more money). You can read it for FREE here:

Recent Reviews

Having known Melanie for a good couple of years and followed her journey, I can truly say that this is one dynamite woman! She has developed a deep deep understanding of what she is now teaching, through her own experiences, research and through helping others. Keep shining Your light Melanie, the world needs more people like you.

Alison Deary

There’s something really mystical and wise about Melanie. She brings with her an energy of quiet confidence and insight. I’ve worked with Melanie on some big projects and she’s got that rare talent of seeing the big picture and reverse engineering the methodical steps to get there. She’s knowledgable and insightful and is always willing to offer a caring presence.

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