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Johannesburg, South Africa

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📱 0782444905

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Sunaina Lakha

The Confidence Institute

Women’s Confidence-Business Coach


I am a women’s Confidence-Business Coach who creates a sacred space for women to heal, access their inner wisdom and attract their dream partner after enduring heartbreak, divorce and challenging relationships. Using life changing techniques from confidence coaching, NLP coaching and Business executive coaching, I help women to reclaim their power and turn pain into power and purpose. I help women to identify and heal their unique relationship patterns, core unhealed wounds and relationship attraction style.

Products & Services Offered:

⭐️ Healing Through Heartbreak- Coaching Programme

⭐️ Calling in Your Dream Relationship -Coaching Programme

⭐️ Pain to Power Women’s Business-Coaching Programme


Sunaina’s Latest Blog Posts

Project Self Love

The world keeps telling us to Love Ourselves More, but no one really tells us how. In this blog, Confidence Coach, Sunaina Lakha explores practical techniques to Radical Self Acceptance and Self Love

Guest Expert On Women’s Confidence Daily Theta TV Show SABC 1

I love talking about anything to do with Women’s Confidence. Here’s my interview with Daily Thetha on ‘the journey of the confident women’. Check out my website for more links to interviews with Cape Talk Radio, Eastwave FM, 1873FM Radio and Jet Club Magazine

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