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Cape Town, South Africa

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Dana Ochana

Big. Consulting

Brand Building


I am an Israeli who relocated to South Africa, if you would ever asked me if I would relocate to a different country I would tell you NEVER! But I did, came here as a Marketing Manager which was an amazing experience, but during this time my mom got sick and I found myself flying a lot from one country to another, when my mom died I decided to stay and I founded ‘Big. Consulting’, felt like it is my time to share my knowledge and experience and empower female entrepreneurs.
I come with 10 years of experience in Marketing and Public Relation in South Africa and abroad. My belief is that we are all brands, and we are all unique and we all have a story to share, the story that got us to where we are now.
I help my clients to create their own personal brand by telling their story, by building their own community, building relationships by solving the problem and not by selling a product/ service. Learn to build strong brand by using social media and other marketing tools to build your own community, build relationships and not chasing the number of followers and likes.

Products & Services Offered:

⭐️ Marketing consultation

⭐️ Instagram online course

⭐️ Marketing online courses


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