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Cape Town, South Africa

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Amina Farzee

Integrative Therapy


We address all aspects of health and wellness, with particular focus on cellular healing and depression. Our methods of assessment and healing are unique and delves into many aspects of variations in healing. We acknowledge the significant role that sound (music), colour, food, environment, lifestyle and genetics plays in the overall health of a person.

Metaphysics plays a significant role in our investigative and healing process.

We also run programs for the advancement of Spiritual understanding, Spiritual growth and Spiritual Empowerment.

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Amina’s Latest Blog Posts

DNA recalibraion

I recently had a client that displayed symptoms of depression which seemed to be from a genetic standpoint.

While discussing the topic with her, I saw her DNA strand and sequencing in front of me, with the naked eye and proceeded to recalibrate the DNA strand in two seconds.

She briefly nodded off and then looked at me in a haze and asked if the feeling that she had was due to the DNA recalibration. She went from sitting straight up and coherent, to being dizzy and slightly faint within seconds.

The process of DNA recalibration was almost instantaneous as was the release of her genetic anomaly.

Miracle Meditation

I’ve recommended meditation to all my clients. So why is meditation important ?

There is a significant amount of information available regarding meditation , but I will tell you what I know.

Meditation is a form of spiritual connection and detachment from the physical world.

This detachment allows the spirit to release any negativity, stress, strain which may be manifesting in the physical world .

One of the most significant benefits of meditation is calming the mind and is especially beneficial for overactive minds.

The intention of the meditation is important. I will present the way I assist my clients to meditate and the reason behind this specific method .

Using the traditional form of meditation by closing the eyes and deep breathe in through the nose and out the mouth. Consciously exhale all negativity, trauma, pain on a conscious and subconscious level.

Picture God’s Divine light and draw that light into every cell in your body until you feel completely calm.

Do this meditation just before bed and with the intention of connecting to God’s light.

This particular meditation is prescribed for those seeking Divine assistance and healing .

My clients have reported significant and noticeable shifts within themselves after doing this meditation .

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