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Cape Town, South Africa

Online Services Available via:

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Lisa-Marie Cheketri

Mariede Design & Photography

Photography & Design


My name is Lisa-Marie and I have been running Mariede Design & Photography for 4 years now. I am from Cape Town and love everything about this city. I grew up in Pinelands, and now live in Kenilworth with my hubby and terrier mix pup, Chino. I would love to capture your special moments or help bring your brand to life and create awesome things with you!

My approach to life and business is one of kindness and faith. I love learning and sharing my knowledge. Get in touch for a free consultation. i would love to meet you!

Products & Services Offered:

⭐️ Lifestyle Photography

⭐️ Intimate Wedding Photography

⭐️ Digital Web Design

⭐️ Branding


The meaning behind my logo

Whats with the petals?

There is a lot more meaning to my logo then what meets the eye.
The 3 petals represent growth in my brand and myself. I have a passion for learning and sharing my knowledge. Mariede was born from a hope to bring a bit of light and beauty into the world. To make it a better place.


I wish I could write one of those posts reflecting on what a successful year it’s been. I guess everyone is reflecting a little differently this year, and that’s okay.

I’m grateful none the less for the support I’ve received from my clients through this rollercoaster. I haven’t done as many shoots or created as many brands & websites as I would of liked to – but I’m grateful for the work I was able to do.

Just like the seasons we cycle and start again. I hope you have a joyful festive season and look forward to a brighter new year. Thank you for your support always 💫🎄

Recent Reviews

Excellent service – would highly recommend

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