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Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa

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Milena Gevers

Cor Coaching

Integral Coaching


I began coaching in 2019, but my passion to leading others towards their greater potential began as a student in Higher Education years before. As a coach, I work with businesses, schools and individuals in a number of different ways. Common themes that emerge in my work have been leadership, confidence and identity development. I have worked with clients in roles such as executive, marketing manager, mid-level manager, designer, editor, media specialist, designer, sales officer, consultant, teacher, student and more. However I believe that one’s capacity to take the lead in your growth and potential goes beyond a job title that you may or may not have right now. Whether you are looking to develop for personal or professional reasons, the integral approach to coaching aims to be inclusive of the much of the client’s world for their coaching program and in relation to their topic – their background, social context, professional environment and individual aspirations. As an Integral Coach, I am trained to support my clients on a journey of growth and development, designed specifically for them. In this way, they have greater capacity to take the lead, recognise more possibilities and show up with greater confidence.

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