New Cafinnate Business Directory

We’re super stoked to announce that our Cafinnate Business Directory has officially gone live!

This has been on the project list for a long while and the tech geeks behind Cafinnate Academy (AKA Abigail) have been taking their sweet time, what with moving home home and city and all!

But it’s finally here and now you can officially claim your free business directory listing.

This is perfect for you as a woman entrepreneur who’s on a mission to make an impact in the world. The best form of marketing is word of mouth and in the Digital space that means REVIEWS!

Invite your clients to give you a 5 Star Review

You’ve experienced it yourself…. while browsing online stores whether you’re booking a weekend away, a table at a restaurant or you’re buying a product – you read the reviews and those reviews either give you the confidence to click BUY NOW, or they send you running for the next tab in your browser.

With the Cafinnate Personal Brand Directory, not only can your happy clients leave you a glowing review to demonstrate to your future happy clients that you’re great at what you do, but you can also list all your online links so they can cyber-stalk you, as a modern discerning client should, and you can demonstrate your expertise by sharing your top blog posts.


Claim your free Personal Brand Directory Listing

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

List your business for free and send your best clients to your profile to give you a glowing review!

claim your free listing here

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