Cafinnated Q&A: Michelle Murray from Interiors etc

In this first episode of Cafinnated Q&A, I’m chatting with Michelle Murray from Interiors Etc.

Interiors Etc started in 2001 Michelle Murray, started to paint and technique friends’ furniture for a small fee. Creative Decor (as the business was then known) grew quickly, with many of her clients wanting more than just painting. They wanted decor advice, and initial consultations became turnkey project management of the entire decor and renovation process.

By 2014, the business incorporated so many more aspects than just pure decorating. It had grown to include decor, design, project management, furniture upcycling, accessory and furniture retail products, styling for photo shoots, home staging and writing of decor-related articles. To more accurately represent all that the business encompassed, Michelle decided to change the name of her business to Interiors Etc.

At every step of the journey, Michelle has been committed to keeping ahead of the game by constantly seeking out new knowledge, researching emerging trends, and discovering novel products through relevant courses, books, lectures, talks and trade shows.

Join us to learn more about Michelle’s journey, how she’s grown her business, her personal brand and her confidence!


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All while keeping it real and not taking ourselves too seriously. That’s the intention for these interviews too.

If you’ve watched or been interviewed online before, you’ve probably never seen or been interviewed like this. While we do touch on business, this is not a business-as-usual interview format. We go deep but we also go fun.

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These chats are best suited to those who are comfortable with thinking on their feet. ie. you won’t receive the questions upfront, and you’re NOT expected to have your answers scripted.

We’re all about keeping it real! It’s for women over (or nearing) 40 who are making an impact in the world who are willing to share their real thoughts and experience of growing their personal brands, their business and their confidence.

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