Cafinnated Q&A with Buyi Mafoko

Buyi Mafoko is a seasoned entrepreneur and communications executive with a demonstrated 15 years of experience across the marketing, branding and advertising industries. She is a recognised public speaker and business mentor who has built multiple businesses from the ground up. Buyi is the co-founder and Managing Director at Matte BLK, a 100% black-owned, digital experiential and activations agency which is complemented by its digital print production subsidiary, Matte BLK Printing.


She recently founded The Events Fraternity, a luxury consultancy rooted in e-commerce which aims to foster B2B relationships between global stakeholders vested in African luxury. Acting at an institutional level, the firm will provide intelligence and market access to luxury enterprises that strive to accelerate the continent’s economic and social growth. Buyi started her career in publishing at Media24 and after several years in the corporate world, began her agencies with the single-minded pursuit of excellence and desire to develop digitally native and culturally relevant practices for modern times.

As a Marketing and Brand connoisseur, Buyi has always had a penchant for fine living and a savoir faire for well-crafted luxury brands which transcend ephemerality. She is currently completing her international master’s degree in Luxury Brand Marketing at Glasgow Caledonian University in London to expand her knowledge with research needed to enrich the luxury industry with Pan-African views.


Buyi’s end goal is to build credibility in advising global luxury brands with digitally intuitive market entry strategies aimed at attracting the internally diverse, culturally robust and progressive consumer markets across Africa.


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