Coffee and Connection – a match made in heaven

As an introvert, attending my first Over Coffee Confidence Meet-up in January 2019 was quite daunting. I’d felt the pull, though and working for myself – often at home alone, for a full week or two at a time – it seemed like a good idea.


Well, that’s the understatement of the century.

I came away from that first meet-up so energised and enthusiastic I knew I had to return. I think I may have missed one during that year due to a calendar clash, but these meet-ups became a non-negotiable in my life. They kicked each month off with a bang and reminded me that there are other women, much like myself, who need connection and also have so, so much to offer each other.

Fast forward to February 2020 and I just hosted my own Meetup. It felt wonderful to hold the space for other women to receive all the amazing gifts I got from attending. We met at, a quirky new store in Tokai. They offer a space for crafters to sell their wares, a well-stocked second hand book store, and of course the all-important coffee shop space that we used.


Sharing is Caring

We shared so many amazing ideas with each other around the table – life hacks for squeezing more time out of your day; overcoming the overwhelm of the beast that is social media; encouragement to keep going even when things aren’t going as well as you would have hoped. Connections for assistance and collaborations were brokered and generous offers of help for our charities given.

I felt like a proud Mama sitting watching my kids make new friends. The openness and warmth with which each lady shared their own story and gave input on others, was a testament to what women can achieve around a coffee table – when life, men, children and responsibilities get put on mute for a few hours.

Can’t wait for next month!

The next Southern Suburbs, Cape Town meetup is on Wednesday 4th March. SPACES ARE LIMITED! See you there, register to secure your spot here.

About the Author

Kim Heyburgh

Virtual Assistant to Coaches and Therapists who operate in the online space. Mandala Workshop Facilitator & Forever Bear Maker.

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Comments on Coffee and Connection – a match made in heaven

  1. Frieda says:

    Such a lovely post Kim, and as a newbie myself, I know how much benefit I received from my first coffee meet up! It was so energizing and supportive. So happy you are now running your own meetups! So inspiring!

  2. Diane says:

    Kim – I couldn’t haven’t said it better. I always leave the meetup so energized and ready to tackle the ‘next’! And I think that you are such a shining example of what happens when someone’s steps into her power.

  3. I hope to attend one of your meetups soon!! You are on fire!

  4. Absolutely agree, Kim! I’ve met the most amazing women at these meet-ups, and always leave feeling inspired and motivated ❤️

  5. Kim Harrison says:

    Wow Kim, you are shining so bright. Your blog resonated so with me, can’t wait attend one of your coffee meet ups. ?

  6. Kim, you’ve just summed up everything I feel about the meetups (just in a much better way than I could have!). I’m looking forward to joining your meet up soon!

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