Daily Deliberate Living with Dr Liana Roodt

Here’s an introduction to the newest Guest Expert Masterclass inside the Cafinnate Academy – Deliberate Living Masterclass with Dr Liana Roodt, Surgeon.

This month’s theme is Daily Deliberate Living with Dr Liana Roodt, a Surgeon based in Somerset West.

If you’re like most solopreneurs you get easily frazzled, knocked off course and you’re constantly trying to ‘catch up’. Deliberate Living is a way of life and a state of being that helps us to maintain our connection to what is, in the present moment, establishing a sold grounding from which to move through our day with purpose and intention. Whether you need more growth and grounding in business, in your home life, in your relationships, deliberate living will directly impact how you show up in each of those areas and help you navigate the sometimes twisty roads ahead with resilience and confidence.

This masterclass by General Surgeon Liana Roodt, will help shift your perspective on how you exist in your current life and business and will give you some practical tools for you to apply, starting today! So that you can become centred and intentional about how you invest your time, how you manage your thoughts, how you connect to your source of creative power and how you honour your body.

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