Exploring Your Creative Expression

This month inside the Cafinnate Academy, we’re exploring our creative expression.

Many of us keep ourselves back because we’ve been conditioned to not fully express our creativity for fear that others won’t ‘get it’, or we’re so fixated on the ‘perfect’ outcome that we forget that the creative process is all about the collection of moments strung together by our intentional process.

Do you have a desire to reignite your passion for life? Do you feel stuck or uninspired?

Then this masterclass is for you – it’s going to allow creativity back into your world!

Sue Kaplan is an artist and creative art facilitator and she believes that we all have the potential for creative expression. In this masterclass, Sue offers the opportunity for you to connect with your own unique voice using a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques in an inspiring and supportive and creative space.

Central to her teaching philosophy is her belief in the healing power of art.

The most difficult situations can present the greatest opportunities for personal transformation and growth. Art is a connective thread; it links our personal internal networks with our external geographic, cultural and social landscapes. In this masterclass Sue invites you to explore these landscapes, to trust the process of letting go and find that place of peace, healing and confidence.

Find out more about Sue Kaplan and her art classes at www.suekaplan.com


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