Finding your Horsepower

It’s not all about the men

How often do you hear a group of men talking about cars, size of the engine, speed, etc. and get the urge to add your five cents. Well, I’ve done it. I’ve told them that my favourite car is a Ford V8 Mustang. I like the new shape, colours and the sound of the engine.  Their expressions were priceless but confusing to me. Some of their expressions said “does she even know what she is talking about?” and others said, “she knows her cars”. I just walk away leaving them with their thoughts.

What’s your favourite car?

Finding your Horsepower

Google defines horsepower as “the power of an engine measured in terms of horsepower”. For me, my horsepower is my energy, my positivity, and motivation. My horsepower is what keeps me stepping out of my comfort zone, going for that client I want, learning, listening and never giving up!

What is your horsepower? What revs your engine? Have you found what starts your engine?


Every car, especially your favourite one, needs to be checked and serviced regularly. The better you look after your car, the longer your car lasts, giving you more miles and memories. The service history is important and should be kept up to date.

Like your car, women have to look after themselves whether it’s in life and/or business. Don’t feel guilty about wanting to spend time alone, having that quiet coffee to celebrate your first client or just having “me” time. Go for that manicure or pedicure you promised yourself when you got your first payment from a client or when your children went to school. You’ve earned it!

When you feel better, you look better and better encourages you to do more, to keep moving forward and achieving your goals.


Every car fan dreams of buying their favourite car and choosing the accessories they’ve always wanted. From the sound system, GPS, Wifi to the electric windows and colour. In life and business, we all want certain material things, things we wished we had.

Sometimes we have to also realise we need to get rid of some material things and that could also include people who are hindering our purpose and progress. This is when we have to get harsh with ourselves and practice tough love. When we start practicing tough love with ourselves, it’s easier to realise and practice tough love with everything and everyone around us.


Every day get into your vehicle of choice and take it for a spin. Along the way, you are going to hit speed bumps, stop signs and people trying to stop us but as women, we don’t give up. We sink into our seats, turn the key, start the engine and listen to the purr of purpose, taking us to our destination, our goal and our dreams.

Don’t give up! Don’t allow yourself to get stuck on the speed bumps, work through them! Only stop at the stop signs until it’s safe to move on, looking in all directions and don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love.

In conclusion, take the drive, enjoy the ride, keep looking forward and catch that dream!

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