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Thank you so much for applying to be a guest expert for the Cafinnate Academy!

We’re excited to welcome you into our community!

As mentioned on the application page, we take pride in the quality of the content of our masterclasses as well as the production quality!

For that reason, we’re eager to collaborate with experts who are ready to step up their video skills so that they can go on to record their own online courses, masterclasses and video content, while using this CCA collaboration as a stepping stone on that journey.

So without further ado, carve out an hour to watch the Video Making Masterclass below to learn how you can step into the video content space with confidence.


STEP 1: Once you’ve got all your equipment setup and ready to go, record a short test video, and send it to us for feedback and tips before recording your entire masterclass. That way when you hit record for real, you know your setup is on point!

Send your test and completed videos to [email protected] via WeTransfer or Google Drive.

Let us know if you have any questions.

STEP 2: We’ll schedule an online chat to talk you through your video setup and areas for improvement if appropriate.

STEP 3: Record and send your masterclass

STEP 4: Your masterclass gets edited, packaged and uploaded to the Academy Website

STEP 5: Your masterclass is officially launched on the agreed upon date, and will receive your 1 month free access to the entire academy.


Specs for Recording good quality Video & Audio


Links Mentioned in this Video:

LED Video Light:

Ring Light:

Backdrop Stand:

Parrot Teleprompter: