How Dressing Can Make You Confident – But Not In The Way You Think

This month inside the Cafinnate Academy we’re talking about how the way we dress makes us feel more confident.

Before I started on my confidence quest all those years ago, I thought that confidence extended only to being able to wear certain outfits and feel good in spite of what it might look like and in spite of what others thought about said dress. You know the one – that little black dress, or that shiny gold number.

Obviously I realise now, after years of research and implementation, that confidence goes far deeper than the clothes we choose to wear.

But the fact remains that how we adorn our body DOES play a role in our self perception and confidence. And you just need an ill-fitting pair of jeans as proof of that.

That’s why we’re so excited to have Cape Town based Fashion Stylist Julie Ranzani from Off The Rails as our guest expert teaching us which basic key items we need to always feel confident in what we’re wearing, regardless of the season. She then goes on to explain, once we know and have the foundational wardrobe, what we can start adding to and playing with to introduce some personality and individuality into our wardrobes.


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We’re all unique individuals and all have different tastes and styles, but armed with some basic knowledge and a foundational framework, we can then start to improvise with confidence.

But here’s something more I want you to consider when it comes to deciding on your outfit for the day.

We all have to wear SOMETHING, right? We generally are not a nudist society, so clothes are a non-negotiable social convention. But what if the choices we made with our clothes served a purpose beyond just covering our nakedness, beyond even keeping up with a trend?

Our Clothes As A Manifestation Tool

What if our wardrobe and our outfit choices were a daily tool we used to connect ourselves with our future ideal selves?

Stay with me here….

You know how a Vision Board is about creating an inspirational collection of images that signify something you desire for your life and/or business, with the intention of manifesting that or something better? If you’re not familiar with it, then you should totally sign up and do Sonja McKaiser’s Vision Board Workshop inside the Cafinnate Academy.

Well what if the items we wear are a reflection of the woman we want to become?

And I’m not saying that it means we should all go out and burn some plastic on label brands. I’m talking about embodying the woman we truly desire to be. The one who is content and confident beyond material things.

The woman who has the luxury of time to spend in the garden, the woman who paints to her heart’s content, the woman who travels to interesting places, the woman who’s vital and healthy, the woman who is fulfilling her purpose, the woman who loves life and everyone and everything in it.

  • What outfits would she wear?
  • What fabrics, colours & prints would she wear?
  • How would she feel in those clothes?

By consciously aligning our current outfit choices to the choices our future self would wear, we link our current state of mind and being with that future reality we desire. The clothes act as a link, a connection, a manifestation tool.

And the more we feel the way we want to feel, the sooner and easier we’ll be living our future reality.

So my hope is that this new perspective on your outfit choices makes you feel more confident, not just because you look good, but because you’re embodying the woman you want to become.

If you’d like to access the Dressing For Confidence Masterclass, sign up here



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