June 2021 CAF-Innate Meetups

Another round of coffee and conversations took place this month with our CAF-Innate meetups, held online and South Africa in person.

This month’s masterclass focused on Tapping into your Inner Sales Guru and we also covered an over-arching theme of Understanding People, which really is a key element in Sales

During the Meetups where the focus was understanding people these issues were highlighted:

  • We spoke about Understanding people and how important it is to step into other peoples shoes and get their perspective before jumping to conclusions or stereotyping or making assumptions.
  • We spoke about the power we have as individuals to make someone’s day or break their spirit just by the words that come out of our mouth or typed out on our phones or emails.
  • We discussed how spending time with the right people could positively impact your life, your business and your mental health.
    it was such an incredible coffee chat, everyone was so engaged and just engrossed in the topic

And here are some takeaways around sales from some of the other conversations

“Sales is such a triggering subject but with a simple reframe, we can make it an inspiring transformational process.”

Sales is certainly a triggering topic. So many limiting beliefs and societal conditioning around sales and selling. Realising and understanding that there is no one size fits all model to sales. We did some journaling in the session, and had a discussion.
My invitation to the participants was to continue exploring (through journaling) what Sales meant to them, and what benefits and solutions their clients would get using their services / products

All round some great insights into both topics and some much needed connection and support. Be sure to book for one of the Meetups in July if you are suffering from FOMO https://cafinnate.com/meetups/

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