Lessons from a Year of Over Coffee Confidence Meetups

December is the perfect time to do a review on the year that’s passed, a time to reflect and celebrate the wins and integrate the lessons.

We’ve got so much to celebrate this year with our monthly Over Coffee Confidence Meetups and of course some lessons too…

Durban OCC Meetup

Cape Town OCC Meetup

Lowveld OCC Meetup

So now that we’ve enjoyed our final meetups for 2019, it feels fitting to share some of those celebrations and lessons…

Lesson 1: Stop Trying To Control

Firstly, to celebrate that we’ve grown from having one meetup per month in Cape Town, to 7 meetups per month across South Africa! 4 in Cape Town, 1 in Somerset West, 1 in Mpumalanga and 1 in Durban!

The lesson from this is that when you stop trying to control everything – things happen easily.

We’ve already got interest for new meetups starting in other areas in 2020, and who knows – perhaps by this time next year, we’ll be celebrating our international Over Coffee Confidence Meetups!

Lesson 2: Together is better

Secondly, it has to be acknowledged that impact is not made in isolation. It’s only TOGETHER that we’re able to affect change. Sure there might need to be one instigator, but its because of the combined input from others, that any impact is really felt. And the impact of all the CCA Ambassadors who’ve volunteered their time and energy to these monthly meetups is what’s made them what they are – a monthly in-person connection point for solopreneurs who thrive on good company, good conversation and good coffee.

A big, heartfelt thank you so much to Fiona (Big Bay), Collette (Century City), Melanie (Somerset West), Di (Mpumalanga), Bianca (Durban) and Kim who has committed to taking over the Cape Town Southern Suburbs meetup from January.


As Bianca, our Durban Ambassador puts it…

“My absolute biggest [takeaway] is how important it is to conitnually work on yourself and your confidence and spend time around like-minded women.”

And Melanie, our Somerset West Ambassador agrees…

“…how necessary the support we can give each other is.”


Lesson 3: Network differently

Thirdly, who said business networking needed to be stiff, formulaic and all about business?

There are, afterall, actual people with real emotions, doubts and fears behind those business cards. How about we listen to what they need to share? How about we ask how it’s going? How about we support them beyond just the financial aspect?

As our Ambassador Di, from Mpumalanga says…

“Connections and collaborations happen organically as the focus is not on networking… and how different and fun the meetups are compared to other businesswomen networking events.”

The Final Lesson:

And finally, the lesson is – even if you don’t know what you’re doing or where it’s going to take you… if you feel the spark of inspiration, if you find a breadcrumb, follow it, take that first step…

So we thank you for your support in attending these meetups throughout 2019, and we hope to see you at the upcoming meetups in 2020! Who know’s perhaps you’re one of our future Ambassadors and you’ll be hosting a meetup in your part of the world! Click here if you’d like to find out more about becoming an Ambassador.


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Comments on Lessons from a Year of Over Coffee Confidence Meetups

  1. Alison Deary says:

    I have decided that my word for 2020 is going to be connection – this year has been a huge growth year but I have had very little time to connect with anyone and that is sad. I am making a promise to myself to make a big effort in 2020 to connect with my tribe!

    1. Abigail says:

      We look forward to connecting with you in 2020 Alison! And having huge growth is a good problem to have!! #justsaying

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