Let’s Talk Habits



Given our new reality, now is the perfect time to begin instilling new habits .

It’s been said that each of our current realities is a result of the habits we perpetuate.

If you look around at your life and your business in this very moment everything around you is as a result of the habits you maintain .


From your home environment, to your finances, to your relationships, to your business success, to your spiritual practices – they all exist because a habit was formed and then solidified into place to form the foundation on which everything you see today was built.


Habits are those repetitive thought processes and activities that we do mostly without realizing.


Habits exist to help our brains manage all of the stimulus and information that it’s bombarded with on a daily, hourly and minute by minute basis.

Habits are a way to conserve energy so that we don’t have to think too much about what we’re doing while we’re doing them, particularly if it’s something we do repeatedly.


It stands to reason then that those repetitive behaviors form the foundation of the life we’re currently experiencing. It also stands to reason that once we become aware of the habits we’re perpetuating, and if we determine that the results of those habits are not to our liking, we can change them. It’s not necessarily easy to change habits but it is definitely doable.


That’s why this month in the Cafinnate Academy, Kim Harrison is teaching us exactly how we can change those habits that are not serving us.


Habits have the ability of putting us onto the path of success if we know which habits to feed and which habits to starve and once we get those habits programmed in, they become part of who we are. The habits themselves make our lives, our success and our joy so much easier because they save us time and energy.

So habits are really in place to help us. It’s just that sometimes the wiring for the habits is a little faulty.


Habits are the foundation for all success – just ask any bajillionaire.


It’s time for us each to take a look at our habits.


In order to know which habits we should start working on we first have to recognize which area is in our life and business need to change.

Here’s an easy tool to help you do that…



Take out a piece of paper and write down all the areas of your current life, for example health, career, finances, relationships, spirituality, creativity, community etc.


Now for each aspect that you’ve listed rate your degree of happiness/excitement/contentment for each area where …


  • 1 = I hate this so much, I’m so unhappy with this. (1 Star Rating)
  • 10 = this is the best thing ever, I’m living my best life, I love life and life loves me. (10 Star Rating.)


How many 10’s are there?

How many 1’s are there?


If you have 7s, 8s, 9s, or 10s – well done! Those habits in those aspects of your life are serving you well! Sure, there might be some room for improvement if they’re less than 9 or 10, but overall, they’re good habits!


If you’ve got some 5s and below… you can be sure you’ve got some habits to work on…




Now spend time thinking about each area in turn and recount the repeated activities that you spend your time and energy doing in relation to that aspect of your life.

What behaviors and thoughts do you repeatedly feed for each particular area of your life?


Don’t judge, just list them out.


Write down the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this area of your life.

So for example, if your relationships are a 4. Which relationship in particular? And in that relationship, what do you find yourself doing or thinking repeatedly?

Perhaps you often think… “I should stop avoiding his/her call?” or perhaps you recognize that whenever you get into a debate, you get defensive and shut down communication.


Repeat this for all areas of your life.




Once you’ve completed this step, section by section, look at each activity or thought that you’ve written down.

Now rate that activity or thought again, from 1-10, where…


  • 1 = heavy, dull, negative, draining, difficult
  • 10 = happy, enthusiastic, easy, inspiring.


You can see where we’re going here….


The repeated activities that feel easy are the habits that are serving you well.

The repeated activities that feel heavy are the habits that are holding you back.


Imagine you had a full list of 10s in all areas of your life! Wouldn’t that be amazing?


So for those heavy habits, we’ve either got to stop them or change them. And that’s where our masterclass on “Let’s Talk Habits” comes in…

Kim does Brain-Based Coaching to help you obtain clarity in all aspects of your life, achieve exceptional goals and develop new habits.

In this masterclass you’ll learn to understand how habits are formed, the difficulty of changing of old habits and learning to create new habits.

By the end of this masterclass you will have the necessary steps to facilitate the changing of a habit. This process can be applied continuously for all habits going forward when the need arises.





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