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These are FREE monthly networking meetups, but they’re also affectionately known as ‘freelancer support groups’. Sometimes we just need to know that we’re not alone, that the challenges and self doubt that sometimes come up are what other women experience too.

Sometimes we just need to say out loud what’s on our mind, to get it off our chest, to feel heard or to get a warm hug.

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Bring along pen, paper and a good cup of coffee (or tea).

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The CAF-Innate Meetups have been running since the beginning of 2018 and have grown in popularity and capacity. The overwhelming interest in these meetups indicates that more female freelancers and entrepreneurs are eager to connect with like-minded women to have deep & constructive conversations about confidence and how it’s impacting their growth personally, professionally and creatively.


Abigail K
Area of Expertise:

⭐️ Personal Brand Visionary

⭐️ Videography

⭐️ Photography

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Tiffany K Borusso
Area of expertise: 

⭐️ Websites

⭐️ Funnels

⭐️ Lead Generation

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Abigail & Tiffany are the brains and beauties behind the CAF-Innate Academy. They host a live monthly online video chat to introduce the theme and guest expert for that month.

Join the Facebook group & subscribe to the YouTube channel to join the live calls.


This is our growing team of CAF-Innate Ambassadors!

Sonja McKaiser
Area of Expertise:

⭐️ 1:1 Coaching

⭐️ Online Workshops

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Di Atherton
Area of Expertise:

⭐️ Personal Growth

⭐️ Coaching, Reiki & Life Guidance

⭐️ Grief & End-of-life Guide

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Shireen Onia
Area of Expertise:

⭐️ Motivational Speaker

⭐️ Keynote speaker

⭐️ Workshops

⭐️ MC

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