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A little about me

I am a Big Picture, Anything is Possible Thinker! This sometimes drives my ‘hubby’ insane but it makes for an interesting ride. I live by the motto: “Impossible just takes a little longer’

I am a Mom to 3 Grown Children and to 2 beautiful granddaughters who bring me joy every single day. I have lived my life by my own rules so have been together with my ‘hubby’ aka my ‘live in lover’ for over 25years with no desire to ever make it formal. We are a family of entrepreneurs – My Daughter owns a team building business, my one son and hubby are in business together and my youngest son is an online trader while he’s getting his degree and then he will join us as the Financial Guru in our businesses.

I love Stationery, Books, Flowers and Bubbly – sometimes just in a different order depending on the time of the day!

A little about my business

You Know Your Business and I know Strategy, Together we Make Magic!

I have a belief that your business is made up of Soul and Strategy! Without Soul, you can have all the Strategy but you will be super unhappy! Without Strategy, you really don’t have a business you just happen to have a hobby that is making money for you for now! But when we combine the two, that’s when the magic happens.

I offer Bespoke 1:1 Coaching, 1Day Intensive Masterminds and Unapologetically Successful Retreats.




Where do you live?

Cape Town, South Africa