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Kim Heyburgh

A little about me

I am a slightly quirky, rather serious and occasionally very shy lady who is passionate about creativity and helping women thrive. I worked in the corporate world for 17 years whilst squeezing my creative aspirations into my spare time. Then in 2012 I lost my job and vowed not to work for a boss again. I’ve been freelancing as a bookkeeper, admin manager and now virtual assistant for a variety of clients since then, but have identified that I would really prefer to only work with Creatives and Women going forward. I have a unexplained love affair with Teddy Bears and have been making them since I was 12 years old. My current iteration of bear making is My Forever Bears – I design and handcraft ‘one of a kind’ Memory Bears made from clothing/fabric that has sentimental value for my clients. This lets them keep the memories the items evoke out in their homes – on the couch, shelf or bed – and available for regular hugs

A little about my business

I have 4 Businesses/Pursuits.

My Forever Bears. This one is mentioned above in my bio , as it is part of my very being –  Here’s a link

The Coaches VA. I offer Virtual Assistant services to Coaches and Therapists who operate in the online space and can be assisted remotely with a myriad of admin tasks.

Bean Counting for Creatives I offer Bookkeeping services through a variety of online and pc software packages, as well as  a custom designed Excel spreadsheet for those who really want to keep it simple. I also offer assistance with payroll if it is needed and can advise on a variety of subjects around finance, invoicing etc.

Insightful Mandalas. I facilitate a workshop where you design, colour in and then interpret your own personal mandala in terms of the 7 key areas of life.


Virtual Assistant


Where do you live?

Kirstenhof, Cape Town, South Africa