Move With Ease – Pomodoro Dancing for Productivity

Most solopreneurs who are building online businesses and personal brands spend an inordinate amount of time in a sedentary position. They also tend to mistake their unending commitment to the laptop for productivity. This mindset stems from the misplaced belief that in order to ‘deserve’ success, one must work hard even at the expense of our health.


I hear this belief repeated by our Cafinnate Crew and in my online community all the time. I myself have fallen prey to this limiting paradigm.

As I always say though, with awareness, we can make changes.


This month’s theme inside the Cafinnate Academy is Move With Ease and our guest expert, Svenja Marais is teaching us about the Nia Technique as a way to not only improve our fitness and movement, but also to make movement part of our lifestyle.


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As dedicated and determined entrepreneurs who have been forced to become more active online, we’re in danger of becoming less active offline.

The allure of building a laptop lifestyle and business sounds fantastic on Instagram, but when it comes down to the reality of what a laptop lifestyle looks like, it ain’t quite as pretty…

The dangers of sitting at your desk working on your laptop all day every day are very real and very numerous.

You can begin to develop aches and pains in your hips and backs, swollen lower legs due to poor circulation and slower metabolism to name just three unhealthy symptoms of hours of static busy-ness that too many female entrepreneurs know too well.

That’s why we here at Cafinnate HQ want to get you moving!

There are many benefits of introducing more movement into your day which will not only make you feel better, but it’ll help you be more productive too.

We’ve highlighted 3 different types of benefits from creating an Active Laptop Lifestyle:


Benefits for the Body

  • Fewer aches and pains in legs and lower back
  • Healthier blood flow to legs and feet
  • Faster metabolism

Benefits for the Mind

  • Increased attention and cognitive speed because you’re able to focus more effectively, when your brain gets to rest
  • Clarity of mind (less brain fog)
  • Happier disposition because you’re decreasing your stress response in your body

Benefits for the Brand

  • Movement sparks inspiration so you’re more likely to come up with your next big idea when you’re away from your laptop
  • Sharing your movement practices with your audience will show them the human side of your brand and make you more relatable
  • A journey is not static – especially a Personal Brand Journey. It’s always evolving and that requires movement. Staying static physically will overflow into your brand.


So how do you add more movement into your online business day?


With Pomodoro Dancing, that’s how!


Have you ever heard of or used the Pomodoro Technique to improve your productivity? If not, let me explain what it is.


It’s a productivity technique and time management method developed by a fella in the late 1980’s. The technique is in the scheduling of regular intervals when working on a specific task.

The ‘working’ portion of the interval lasts 25 minutes with a 5 minute interval in-between where you’re encouraged to get up and walk away from the current task. The fourth break in the cycle is a 25 minute break.

  • 25 minutes: focussed work on a single task
  • 5 minutes: break
  • 25 minutes: focussed work on a single task
  • 5 minutes: break
  • 25 minutes: focussed work on a single task
  • 5 minutes: break
  • 25 minutes: focussed work on a single task
  • 25 minutes: break
  • repeat

So that’s the Pomodoro Technique. You can track yourself with a pen and paper and a timer, or you can download and use an app on your phone. Just search Pomodoro.

Where does the movement come in?

In order to make physical movement part of your business lifestyle, we suggest that your 5 minute breaks be 5 minute movement sessions. Whether that movement is dancing to your favourite song (our recommended option, ‘cos it’s fun!) or a quick stretch session or yoga session or perhaps you’d like to do 5 minutes of hoola hooping or rope skipping. The point is to make this 5 minute movement break FUN! That way, you’re more likely to keep doing it consistently.

And that’s your Pomodoro Dancing


Then when it’s time for your 25 minute break, you can boil the kettle, take a walk outside, read a book or listen to a podcast. But at least. you’ve had a collective 15 minutes of moving your body while focussing on a singular task.


Now the busy-ness addicts reading this might be thinking to yourself – “I don’t have time to stand around dancing every half and hour!”

I hear you – I used to think that too. Then I started putting it into practice and I was surprised by how much I was able to get done IN SPITE of the taking these regular breaks.


The other affect I experienced was a decrease in anxiety, which meant that I was creating better work from a place of confidence, rather than from a place of stress.

So give it a try – what have you got to lose? And just think of all that you have to gain!


Over to you…

If you gave the Pomodoro Dancing technique a try, which song would you dance it out to?

What’s your favorurite way to move your body?

Have you used the Pomodoro Technique before? How did it work for you?

Start the conversation in the comments below…

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