One Next level of Everything for All of us, please!

When the world tells us in varying ways that we’re too much, we tend to tone ourselves down, to shrink ourselves to fit the expectations and the comfort zones of those around us.

Many ways to tone down

We tone down our exuberance, and our optimism (because we’re not supposed to be “happy and optimistic” while life is less than ideal), the way we dress (because heaven forbid people should see our real personality and authentic, essential weirdness) and even our expectations (especially how much money and business success we actually deserve and are worthy of).

Just Stop

Realising that we all are doing this in various ways and that we should all STOP – Just Stop – Stop making ourselves small and invisible and struggling and “comfortable for other people”… all this for the price of a delicious Iced coffee or Refresh Juice while sitting around a table in a popular coffee shop in Somerset West with eight other women? Priceless.

One Next level of Everything for All of us, please!

The first Somerset West Over Coffee Confidence meetup was a beautiful morning of real conversation and connection and finding a synchronistic value in our shared desire to step things up to the next powerful, confident, inspired, amazing level that is possible for all of us.

Thank you

Thank you to Pajamas and Jam for hosting us in your awesome creative (if somewhat loud) ambience and space. We collected a mound of dog and cat food, cash donations and previously loved clothes for Animal Welfare Helderberg – supporting a deserving charity at the same time (it took three people to carry it all to the car). What’s there not to feel great about? Thank you all for showing up in such a special way! See you at the next one – 7 January 2020!


About the Author

Melanie Britz is an author, speaker and facilitator who is passionate about helping people live their best lives Now. She is a Cafinnate Academy Ambassador and hosts the Somerset West meetups. Her current project named Conscious Time Mastery is all about redefining and healing our relationship and programming around time – how to heal our past wounds and traumas, how to empower our present moments and how to consciously create our highest potential futures. Her website:


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