Over-Coffee Confidence Meetup – June 2019

We had such an amazing Over-Coffee Confidence Meetup at the V&A Waterfront yesterday, and we ALSO had our first Ambassador meetup hosted by Judith Ancketill from Comma Marketing in Claremont, Cape Town!

We’ve partnered with the awesome people at Spaces, who generously accommodate us in their gorgeous venues. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur or a corporate intrapreneur, Spaces help their community to expand their horizon. They create awesome environments for forward thinkers, innovators and game changers to confidently achieving goals. Find out more about Spaces here…

Thank you for your Generous Donations!

The meetups are free of charge to attend, but we do ask for donations of dog/cat food for the Mdzananda Animal Clinic or previously love items of clothing for the Dress For Success Cape Town chapter.

If you weren’t able to attend, or you forgot to bring your donations, you can still make an impact today….

Donate to Mdzananda Animal Clinic

Donate to Dress For Success Cape Town

The realisation I’ve had is that we don’t have to wait until we, as an individual, have made our milliions before we start giving back. Where we are right now, we can bring together other like-minded people, and together we can make an impact. Here’s the generous donations we received for the charity organisations! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Every little bit counts!

My Embarrassing Attempt At Facebook Live

We also attempted (and failed catastrophically!) to have an online chat to summarise the meetups and discussions around the table, and to make the conversation available to those not in Cape Town.


Watch the Facebook Live – where I flounder chatastrophically with the technology. Seriously, it was embarrassing!! But, hey, I tried!

Conversation Starters

The conversation starters at each of the monthly meetups are related to our theme of the month here in the Cafinnate Academy, and this month the theme is – Deliberate Living.

Answer these Confidence Questions about Deliberate Living

The questions we posed at the meetups, which I’d like to encourage you here to answer for yourself are:

1. What do you want to be deliberate about this month?
2. What do you choose to accept, as it is right now?
3. How do you choose to see things?
4. What’s your biggest priority this month?
5. What do you need help with?

Inside the Academy, not only do we have our own private chat feed where our members can share and discuss their answers to these questions, they also have the interactive Habit Tracker that enables them to keep on track with their daily habits while also being accountable to the other community members. If you’d like to get access to this and other features of the Academy, sign up here.

No Over-Coffee Confidence Meetup in Your Area?

If you’re wanting to attend a meetup check here for upcoming dates and locations. If there isn’t currently a meetup in your area, then you can apply to become an Ambassador and host your own meetups in your area, however this option is only available to current active members of the Academy! So sign up today and start hosting your own Over-Coffee Confidence Meetup

Back to You…

Let us know in the comments below your answers to those 5 questions above…

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