Personal Branding Intensive 1-30 November 2020


This roadmap will take you on a 12 step adventure that will help you discover the real, underlying story of YOU and how to communicate that story in a way that helps you attract the people you’re truly meant to connect with, in a way that best serves them and the world while keeping your cup overflowing with clarity, creativity and confidence.

Now more than ever, the seemingly small ripples of positive change we make for ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually & commercially can have massive impact across the globe.

And it all starts with… YOU!


… you’re a coach or conscious solopreneur and you know that you’ve got the gifts, skills and talents to change so many lives in the world, but you’re just not reaching them.

… you’re feeling lost and powerless when it comes to connecting with your audience and communicating your value and the transformation you can facilitate

… deep down you know you’ve been hiding from the online limelight, because of fear of the unknown (The tech? What to say? Appear on video, what?!)

… you’re looking for an approach that allows you to grow your personal brand with flow so that your online presence is a win for your business and a win for your audience


What makes this programme different?

This is different to any other personal brand programme because it’s foundation is steeped in the psychological framework of the 12 Archetypes. You’ll learn which is your most dominant and how it’s really the key to building your personal brand and resonating with your audience with ease and flow. Creating content, creating products, writing copy – all the tactical and strategic stuff other marketers are telling us to do, all becomes so much easier when we can do it in a way that feels aligned to our individual and unique core.

  • You are the only one in the world with your collection of gifts, skills, talents, experiences and memories.
  • You’re building your business consciously because you feel the pull to make an impact in the world and transform lives.
  • You need to get seen by those people and you need to be able to resonate with them.

This programme will show you how…

Join the Personal Brand Intensive Programme

Join us on 1st November where we’ll kick off 4 weeks of intensive focussed learning and doing. You’ll be guided along the way, you’ll be encouraged to experiment and you’ll go on to feel into and create what’s calling to be created. You’ll build your own Personal Brand Plan which you can refer back to time and again and refine as you evolve.

If you feel a tingle of expansive excitement…

 click here to register for the Personal Brand Intensive.

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