Masterclass: Becoming CEO of your Business

This masterclass is about stepping into the CEO Mindset for female solopreneur creatives.

How to move from being COE (Chief of Everything) to being the CEO of your Business.

Where are you spending your time currently versus where you should be spending your time. (And what is it costing you to not be spending time on what you should be spending it on?)
In this masterclass you’ll learn and be given some simple tools to move you to being the CEO of your business.

If you are not the CEO of your Business you will ultimately not have a business.
You need to make a decision: Is this a hobby that just makes money or are you a business owner?

You’ll learn how to be the CEO and what some of the questions are that you need to be asking as a CEO as well as the activities you need to be doing as a CEO. You’ll also learn the one habit to get into on a weekly basis to see huge shifts in yourself and your business.


Watch the masterclass preview:


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