Course: Camera Confidence

If your confidence has ever kept you away from showing up on camera – whether for photos or videos, whether for personal or business – then this is the course you’ll have wish you’d had!

If you’re the kind of woman who knows that she’s destined to make a bigger impact in the world, bigger than you’re currently making, but the thought of stepping in front of a camera,  whether it’s a professional’s camera in a studio or your own camera at home, fills you with fear and freezes you to the spot, then you’re going to get so much value from watching the videos and implementing the actions steps contained in this course.

If you’re ready to start stepping up, sharing your message, and seeing yourself differently through the lens of a camera, then you’re going to love this course.

And finally, if you’re like most women with camera-shyness, you’ve probably convinced yourself that you’re not photogenic enough, or you don’t know where to start, or you can’t get your head around the tech side of filming yourself, then you’re robbing the world of the gifts and the value that you have to share. Let’s change that – together!!

Let’s choose to let it be easy, and let it be imperfect. Done is always better than perfect!

So if you’ve got a course, a website, a message or an impact waiting to be made start getting camera confident!

This is the first step to helping you get confident in front of the camera with straight forward advice, without the overly technical stuff!


What’s Included:


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