Course: Conscious Confidence

Your Holistic Journey to Personal & Professional Confidence

What you’ll learn:


A holistic approach to confidence for women who want to do life & business confidently.

Are you tired of the debilitating effects of low self confidence?

Do you want to be free from those feelings of inadequacy to make room for the freedom to express yourself?

Has your lack of confidence prevented you from launching the business you’ve always dreamed of?

Confidence is often the missing ingredient that prevents women from showing up in this world in a more significant way. What this world really needs right now is more feminine input, influence and impact, and confidence is the key to helping womenmake their contribution.

Mastering your confidence in a holisitc way will significantly shift the way you perceive yourself, the way others perceive you and how you experience your life and business as a confident woman.

This course is made up of 4 areas to consider when developing, growing & getting conscious of your confidence.

The Change Process:

A 6-step framework to help you navigate the inevitable changes in life in general, and the changes you’ll experience with this course in particular.

Mind Confidence:

Discover what’s impacting your thoughts and emotions and whether they’re helping or hindering you personally & professionally.
Become aware of your self-talk and how that affects the way you feel about yourself and your work.
Learn tools and techniques to retrain your brain to more confidence.

Body Confidence:

Begin a process of accepting and appreciating the body you were blessed with.
Understand how we’ve been brainwashed into false ideas of beauty and how your feelings about your appearance impact other areas of your life & business.
Learn how to see your body in a more positive way.

Soul Confidence:

Uncover the beliefs that aren’t serving you.
Gain a new perspective and techniques to help you determine what you truly desire.
Learn how to make that vision come to life.
This course will teach you how to become more confident in all areas of your life & business from a mental, physical & spiritual perspective.

What people are saying about this course:

“I’d recommend The Conscious Confidence course to anyone who feels that they can be more confident on the levels of their mind, body and soul. The focus is on enabling you to make lasting changes in your life, by living and thinking more positively, loving your body and making the most of your health and appearance and ultimately living a confident, connected life of impact and fulfillment!” ~ Melanie Britz, Author & Realtor

“This course was fantastic. I didn’t think I needed help with my confidence but the course is so much more than to just help you boost confidence. It’s a way forward and a change of lifestyle. Thank you for this amazing eye opener into my own soul.” ~ Megg Geri, Author

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