Cosmic Confidence 7 Week Program

Where science, spirituality & self-development meet

If you’re needing a shift in perspective to catapult your confidence, then this is the programme for you.

The weekly 1 hour online discussions will provide you with a new perspective to consider, one that you’ve likely not considered before, and one that could change the way you navigate life and business.


How do I know? I’ve experienced it myself.

Since exploring and investigating matters of outer-space, but self-perception, my business and my reality has shifted significantly.

I’m calmer, more creative, more confident and I’m having more fun and adventures than I’ve ever had since I was a care-free child.


Along with the worksheets/printables for you to download and the physical tasks for you to complete each week, you’ll have lifetime access to the live call recordings and all future iterations of this programme. So with each new launch and each upgrade to the programme, you’ll have access and will be able to follow along whenever the programme is re-run.

Confidence is a lifelong expedition and this programme will provide you with the flight plan you can return to again and again.

Two Payment Options





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