Masterclass: Dressing for Confidence

In this masterclass, Julie Ranzani imparts everything you need to know when it comes to dressing and styling yourself.

About Julie Ranzani

Julie has many years of experience and has gained significant intellectual capital in her field of expertise which she loves to share with other women in order to give them that extra bit of confidence to start their day.

Julie hosts fashion trend events on a seasonal basis or tailored workshops to corporate clients showing what the looks and trends are for the upcoming season. She also dresses and styles women on a one to one basis working from their existing wardrobe and then shopping together for the missing items, showing them how to coordinate it all together in a way that works for all tastes, lifestyles and budgets. Lastly, Julie is a style influencer on social media platforms showcasing the current trends on herself through her bi-annual “what I am wearing” series.

After this masterclass you’ll be able to either select from your existing wardrobe or walk into a store and purchase an item of clothing, with the confidence of knowing what suits you and how to wear it.

Watch the Masterclass Preview…

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