Masterclass: Let’s Talk Habits

Kim is a Brain-Based Coaching to help you obtain clarity in all aspects of your life, achieve exceptional goals and develop new habits, making decision, dealing with a dilemma or conflict.
Kim has always motivated and grown people naturally throughout her corporate career in the financial arena. She decided to extend these skills by obtaining an understanding of how the brain works and learning to assist people to reach their full potential.

Kim wants to share her knowledge to enable people to reach their potential and achieve incredible goals. This builds confidence, clarifies direction, purpose and ultimately growth.

In this masterclass you’ll learn to understand how habits are formed, the difficulty of changing of old habits and learning to create new habits.

By the end of this masterclass you will have identified that one habit you’d like to create and taking the necessary steps to facilitate this change. This process can be applied continuously for all habits going forward when the need arises.

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