Masterclass: Linkedin Mastery

The Online Inspire LinkedIn Mastery class consists of three separate videos and supporting material covering Profile Optimization, Growing Your Network, and building your Content Strategy.

Licia Dewing is a Career Strategist and she says “I once found myself in a corporate career that I didn’t know how to get out of. I needed to CAREER STRATEGIZE, myself back to PURPOSE and my PASSION.

Now, my work has me falling in love with what I do every day.”

After years in the recruitment industry, after a chosen career sabbatical, Licia recognized that she had lost her own ‘career passion’ and had developed a growing awareness of her constant frustration that she could only help one person: she was in the wrong career.

With a focus and a clear understanding to create positive change in people’s careers, Licia career strategized herself and arrived at a space where she was clearly able to create the Career Strategist profile. With the unique perspective of having been on all sides of the proverbial recruiting table, her innovative strategies are widely seen as positively disruptive to the traditional recruitment world, and ground breaking and supportive to mid-level – senior executives wanting to change careers.

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