Masterclass: Reconnect to the Power Within

This Masterclass will help you to understand how our unconscious core beliefs and fears can negatively impact on our dreams and goals without us even realizing it’s happening! How we make a choice to go through life as a victim or victor and life responds accordingly. We will unpack those negative beliefs and look at ways to shift them. We will look at our Fear Monsters and how they sneakily show up to derail our plans, and how to kick them into touch! At the end of this class you will have a clearer understanding of how you may be sabotaging yourself.

Our beliefs can be picked up from our peers, society, role models and caregivers, experiences, friends and family, same thing goes for fears. That these are held by the body and become emotional triggers that can sabotage our plans. That we have a choice to go through life as Victims – Accusing, Blaming, Complaining, or Victors, taking 100% responsibility for our Attitude, Behaviours, Choices (the ABC of Victim/Victor) That we are 100% responsible for our attitude, no-one else can change that, not even God. That every morning when we open our eyes we have a choice and our Choice = Creation.


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