Pre-Shoot Guided Visualisation

Purchase the Pre-Photo Shoot Guided Visualisation so that you can visualise and relax ahead of your upcoming photography or video session.

Science has proven that our brain cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined experience. And you know that the first time of trying anything new can be nerve-wrecking. That’s why so many of my clients tell me they’re camera shy or not photogenic – it’s just because they’ve never experienced a professional photo shoot before and they don’t know what to expect.

With this Pre-Photo Shoot Guided Visualisation you’ll have to opportunity to not only experience your shoot before it’s happened making it less intimidating, but you’ll also be able to design it the way you want it, in your own mind!

So much has been researched about the power of the mind and visualisation as a tool to help us approach situations with more confidence. If it’s good enough for Olympic athletes – it’s good enough for us!


Anchor Yourself

Anchor yourself before your photoshoot by choosing to see how it will unfold before it’s happened

Get Creative

Let your natural creativity bubble to the surface and bring joy and pleasure to the process

High Vibes

Increase your confidence by tapping into the emotions that make you feel good

Change Your Perspective

Change old habits of anxiety and fear into certainty and calm

Focus Your Mind

Focus your mind on the positive outcome you choose to expect

Be Camera Confident

Step out in front of that camera with confidence, being present & enjoying the moment

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