Pricing Calculator

Pricing is one of those things that every creative entrepreneur struggles with! It’s the biggest headache among most small business owners. Knowing how to price your products or services so that you’re making a profit and keeping your clients and customers happy can feel daunting and invariably, we end up setting a price, just because it’s what everyone else is doing (you know I’m right, you done that before!!)

When I started doing research for the Confidence Creative Academy and finding out what creatives wanted help with, this was one of the top recurring issues.

So this pricing calculator is going to rock your world and your business!

Not more thumb-sucking, no more copying, no more undercharging and no more FEELING GUILTY about asking to be paid what you’re worth. When you see the numbers in front of you, and you know where they come from and why your prices are set at the point they are, you know longer have to explain your worth to your clients. There’s no more discounting your prices just so your clients will like you. You’ve got bills to pay, savings to add to and a lifestyle to maintain and this caluculator will show you exactly what’s going on with your numbers and why you deserve to be paid well.

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