2. Blending Beans


Invest in You

Keep Your Place 🔻

“There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself. It is the best investment you can make;”

~ Roy T Bennett


Every cup of coffee, regardless of it’s origin has a unique blend that contributes to it’s deliciousness. Whether it’s down to a single sourced bean, or it’s the amount of milk or sugar that’s added in the making of it – you know the perfect blend of ingredients to make the perfect cup of coffee that’s unique to your liking.

So is the unique blend of your skills, talents, experiences and relationships that contribute to the unique flavour of what you bring to the world, and now that you’ve already Sourced Your Bean (you have awareness of your dominant archetype) it’s time to begin the blending process.

This blending process involves investing money, time and energy into yourself – essentially blending what and who you inherently are, with the resources that are available to you in your environment and those made available by others.

Blending what you already have with what’s available to you.

You first have to know your strengths (and your weaknesses), in order to know the right amount of blending necessary.

During this Blending process, you’re going to take the awareness you gained in the Sourcing step, a step further.

This is not something you can be taught, this is something you need to discover for yourself. This is not a ‘once-off’ process. This is a continual process that you’ll have to commit to for as long as you have a purpose to fulfil.

As a transformation-driven woman, you likely have an entire toolbox of tools to help you clarify your purpose and articulate your gifts and talents. If not, scroll down to the bottom of this page to access some resources that can help you…

Take the Time to List Your Strengths and Weaknesses here:

Roadmap: Blending - Strengths and Weaknesses

In the context of the service you provide for your ideal clients, what skills, talents, strengths, knowledge and experience do you already have that helps you in your mission of transforming people's lives? When it comes to listing your strengths, this is not a time to be humble. This is a time to acknowledge what's true about you. Really stretch yourself here and list as many items as you can.

In the context of the service you provide for your ideal clients, what skills, talents, strengths, knowledge and experience do you lack?
The invitation here is to approach this in the same 'fact-finding' mission as the strengths exercise. This is not a time to beat up on yourself. This is a time to acknowledge where you're at and where you need support, input and effort to grow your weaknesses into strengths. This continues the Awareness part of your journey.

Skills, talents, strengths, knowledge & experience I have:

Skills, talents, strengths, knowledge & experience I lack:


Now’s the time to celebrate those strengths and do something about those weaknesses! 

REMEMBER: The Personal Brand journey is about using YOURSELF to benefit OTHERS.

So even though you may have resistance against facing those weaknesses you’ve listed, do it for the people who NEED you to do the work on yourself, so that you can better help transform their lives!


Invest in yourself through Perseverance

High Motivation = High Value

Motivation = discipline + devotion + consistency


So now’s the time to COMMIT!

You need to commit to your purpose, your vision, your audience and yourself.



TRaining coaching mentoring

deciding and committing


detecting your purpose for mastering your message

Invest in your through Perseverance – high motivation (discipline/devotion/consistency) = high value

Use yourself to benefit others.


  • Commitment ceremony
  • are you in until it works?

What’s your vision?

If you were a fictional character in a movie, what would you need to do to make the movie really good? What would your business need to be?



Invest in your Habits:

Productivity Habits:

  1. It’s got to be a ‘hell yes!’ or a ‘hell no!’
  2. Are you in control? Chunking your tasks to keep integrity
  3. Get real about time – 2 hour sprints
  4. It’s good to be selfish with your time
  5. Marketing & Selling
  6. Paying Success Tax




Discover your dominant archetype