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Own Your Awesomeness!

Keep Your Place 🔻

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”

~ M. Scott Pec

You have so much raw potential, raw talent and raw awesomeness pulsing through your veins, and you don’t even know it.

Through conditioning, comparison and unconscious adoption of limiting beliefs about ourselves, we forget to own our holy-shitness!

Being 100% authentic doesn’t just mean airing our vulnerabilities, it also means own the awesomeness that we’ve got going on as a point of fact.

We’ve been taught that bragging is bad, and that girls shouldn’t blow their own trumpets – because it’s rude.

Little these authority figures realise that they were conditioning us to downplay our virtues which over time has hampered our levels of self worth.

In the journey of building your personal brand,

Taking this a step further though, who’s to say that your weakness is bad? Who decides what’s good and what’s bad.

Human’s are habitual meaning-making machines –


Archetypes as Your Compass

As we’ve said the journey of life is a journey of learning.

Learning about the world, the subjects we’re interested in, the people and cultures we encounter, and ultimately learning about ourselves. In these modern times, specifically in the time of the information age, the opportunities to learn are countless and the mediums through which we learn are just as abundant. From print material to online courses and resources to group lectures and workshops, we’re inundated with learning resources.

But let’s back to the origin of learning in humanity’s history, before the internet and devices and wi-fi.

How did early human’s learn?

Through stories…

…that’s how.

The human mind, then and now craves meaning and stories are the mechanism through which meaning can be explained and understood in a way that’s relatable and memorable.

That’s where Archetypes come in.

Archetypes are universal psychological patterns that are reflected through symbols, images and themes.

Archetypes act as our very own internal compass.

They’re essentially our factory installed Meaning Management System (MMS as opposed to GPS) which keeps us on track with developing a self identity.

For those of us who are entrepreneurially inclined, this self identity empowers us to create products and services and a consistent and enduring personal brand which impacts our audience and gives the expression of our unique meaning an outlet.

To know yourself fully is to have a foundation on which to build anything in your life and your livelihood – with purpose, direction and confidence and without a system in place to help course correct as we navigate our path, issues of self-worth come into play because we’re not ever really taught HOW to know ourselves.

Knowing ourselves means knowing ALL of ourselves – the good, the bad and the crumbly.

Self worth is inextricably wrapped up in how big a game we’re willing to play in life and business, and when your level of self-worth is healthy because you truly appreciate the WHOLE person that you are …you play all out.

When you play all out, you commit to whatever needs to be done. When you commit to doing whatever needs to be done, you show up consistently. When you consistently show up, you build integrity and when you build integrity, you begin trusting yourself.


So the foundation of developing a confident personal brand is built on self trust & that means – knowing yourself.

But we’re never really taught how to know ourselves:

                                • Why do we think the way we do?
                                • Why do we act the way we do?
                                • Why do we respond the way we do?
                                • Why do we prefer what we do?

Archetypal psychology is a rich resource in the science of creating personal clarity in our life and effective messaging in our livelihoods.

Your personal identity informs your beliefs and your habits. Your personal identity is also about knowing your personal values and those values connect you with other people, in particular your target audience.

In a business context having this clarity of our personal identity helps us understand the intrinsic meaning of our product categories which allows us to create enduring brand identities. Identities that dominate the market, spark meaning in the hearts and minds of our audience and inspire customer loyalty.

This 12 Step Personal Brand Roadmap is based on the framework of applying this Archetypal Brand Strategy.

The theory of personality archetypes was developed by Carl Jung and has since been studied and applied to commercial activities, giving inanimate brands the personified virtues and shadows of the 12 different patterns of human behaviour.

“We all belong to an ancient identity. Stories are the rivers that take us there.”

The problem with many outdated personal development or personal brand methodologies is that it assumes everyone sees, thinks, feels and is motivated by the same things.

This simply isn’t true.

What has worked for one ‘guru’ won’t work for you, even if you follow their EXACT same steps, because you experience life differently and are motivated differently, and not forgetting that you’re the only you that’s ever existed.

The archetype model aims to clarify your unique perspective on life, and coupled with a Personal Brand strategy helps you carve your own path to success that looks, sounds and feels different to anyone else in the world.



Discover your dominant archetype