1. Sourcing The Bean



“Self awareness is a key to self mastery”

~ Gretchen Rubin

Keep Your Place 🔻

Anything that you want to learn, means going back to the source – starting at the very beginning.

In this Personal Brand Roadmap, that means starting with having a clear understanding of WHAT personal branding is, and WHO you are as the person intent on developing their personal brand.

Just like, at the beginning of any adventure, in order to read the map correctly you need to know where you’re currently standing.

Or like with any recipe, before you can start baking, you first need to know what ingredients you have in the cupboard.

This step is all about the PRESENT.

The here and now. Here’s a good place to start!

So, what is personal branding?

What’s the difference between Marketing & Branding & Personal Branding?

I’m glad you asked!

They’re all very similar and the differences are merely nuances of the same intention…


Marketing is the method by which a company grabs their audiences’ attention, highlights what they have to offer and communicates how it solves the problem the audience is faced with. It’s very much an externally focussed process.


Branding on the other hand is very much an internal process. It’s the groundwork that precedes the marketing to ensure that what the audience is observing, consuming and experiencing in relation to the brand is aligned with the real essence and intention behind the business’ existence.

Personal Branding:

Personal Branding takes that one step further. It’s the intentional inner work of a specific individual that breaths the human factor into an otherwise inanimate entity and ensures that their energy exists throughout every aspect of the business.

Personal Brand Overview

Personal Branding is divided into 2 main sections: Brand Strategy & Brand Expression

Many people make the mistake of focussing on Brand Expression before doing the bulk of the work that’s required in the foundation of Brand Strategy

It’s like a Cappuccino – the Brand Expression is the foam at the top, pleasing to see but without substance. The Brand Strategy is all the warm, flavoursome goodness beneath the surface. The real stuff that brings all the coffee lovers to the yard.

Brand Strategy is divided into 2 additional sections: Internal Branding & Positioning.

While Brand Expression is divided into 3 additional sections: Character, Verbal Expression & Visual Expression.


The journey of this Personal Brand Roadmap starts with you. Before you can market yourself, your products, your services and your business, and before you can begin working on your brand strategy, you first have to have a thorough insight and understanding of YOU because you represent everything that’s unique about your brand. There are nearly 7.6 billion people on planet earth – how much is 7.6 billion?


That’s ALOT of people. And not a single one of those 7.6 billion people has the exact same set of characteristics, traits, experiences, memories, knowledge, desires, abilities, DNA or thumbprint as you.


It means you are UNIQUE AF!

There is not another version of you in the entire world. You are 1 in nearly 8 billion.

That makes you pretty damn special!

It also means, that what works for someone else, can NEVER work exactly the same for you, because you are not a carbon copy of anyone else. It also means that if you want to really get to know yourself (and we suggest you do), you’re going to have to read your own unique user manual, cover to cover. Your user manual will read differently to anyone else’s in the world, no matter how similar your credentials are.

So with that said… how do you figure out YOU? Well, that’s the whole point of life, isn’t it? Studying, discovering and learning who we are – this one-of-a-kind specimen of humanity.

So while that’s a study FAR beyond the scope of this Personal Branding Programme, we can get you started by giving you a compass to start you on your journey of discovering who you really are, so that you can ensure that the path you’re on and the impact you are making is the right one for you, and that you’re able to communicate that in the right way, in the right place, to the right people….

By the end of this roadmap, you’ll have your own unique compass. Literally.
You’re going to discover your personal archetype which is your compass for how you show up in and interact with the world, and how and who you get to be in your business and personal brand. Not in a curated, fabricated way, but finally in an authentic and intentional way.

That being said, you already HAVE your own compass. You’ve been walking around with it since the day you were born. You’ve just never learned to read it. That compass is your emotional state of being. Your emotions are constantly communicating your truth to you, but without instructions and practice, those emotions can either become valueless or completely overwhelming.

The Archetype model provides an instruction manual of sorts for your emotions, so you’ll understand why you’re triggered by the things that trigger you, why you gravitate to certain people, why you’re challenged by certain fears and why you’re drawn to certain activities and desires.

But first…

What does freedom look like in your life and livelihood?


Depending on your archetype, your answer to this question will vary significantly to the next person and yet we’re all ‘taught’ to aspire to the same goals and achievements in life, even though our core desires and yearnings (if you actually listen to them) are telling us that we don’t actually want the husband or wife with the white picket fence, 2.4 children and a dog. And we can’t understand why, even if we achieve this supposed milestone, we still feel empty and lost.

That’s because our values (& archetype) might differ to the values and archetypes of the people who taught us to want those things. When you’re out of alignment with who you REALLY are, you’re going to feel ‘off’.

Archetypes are the heartbeat of enduring brands, and YOU are the heart.

Be true to yourself.

The 4 Main Human Motivations

Humans are motivated by 4 drivers, on two related spectrums:

The 12 Archetypes each fall into one of these categories of motivational drivers…

We’ll dig into this a bit later in the roadmap.


You have a completely unique set of strengths and weaknesses, skills, talents and experiences that you’ve collected over the years. Not a single soul in the world has the exact combination that you do. You are the only one on the entire planet!

Let that sink in.

There might be someone with similar strengths, or someone with the same qualification, or someone who’s gone through similar triumphs or challenges as you. But combined, no else comes close to your unique set of perspectives and abilities, thanks to the individuality of the path you’ve walked in your life up to this point. Your perspective is your reality.

Which means you’re a one-of-a-kind specialist who’s combination of attributes enables you to solves very specific problems. We all know we need the right tools to solve a problem, and through destiny and design, you’ve been handed a very specific, one-of-a-kind toolbox.

This is your personal purpose. The reason you’re here – in this program, in your business, on planet earth at this point in history. There’s a reason you here…

This is not something you can be taught, this is something you need to discover for yourself. This is not a ‘once-off’ process. This is a continual process that you’ll have to commit to for as long as you have a purpose to fulfil.

Before we move one, let’s take stock.

✏️ List your Strength & Weaknesses:

Roadmap STEP 1 - Strengths and Weaknesses

In the context of the service you provide for your ideal clients, what skills, talents, strengths, knowledge and experience do you already have that helps you in your mission of transforming people's lives? When it comes to listing your strengths, this is not a time to be humble. This is a time to acknowledge what's true about you. Really stretch yourself here and list as many items as you can.

In the context of the service you provide for your ideal clients, what skills, talents, strengths, knowledge and experience do you lack?
The invitation here is to approach this in the same 'fact-finding' mission as the strengths exercise. This is not a time to beat up on yourself. This is a time to acknowledge & gain awareness of where you're at and where you need support, input and effort to grow your weaknesses into strengths.

Skills, talents, strengths, knowledge & experience I have:

Skills, talents, strengths, knowledge & experience I lack:

Habits & Beliefs

Your habits are carving your life, whether you realise it or not. Everything that you have and everything that you are is as a result of the habits you maintain, whether consciously or unconsciously. Your habits are deeply rooted to your beliefs about yourself and about life. Beliefs that you’ve inherited and beliefs that you’ve created for yourself over time through your unique experiences.

What do habits and beliefs have to do with personal branding?


Your habits and beliefs have gotten you to where you are now in life and business. If you’re not happy with where you are, then the simple fact is, you have to change your habits and beliefs. And those same habits and beliefs are what form the foundation of your internal brand and everything you do and communicate in your business.

Your beliefs instruct your behaviours and your repeated behaviour becomes your habit.

Consistency is the active ingredient of creation and destruction.

Do something enough times at regular intervals and physical matter will be directly affected. It’s true for pebbles in a river bed, it’s true for sand paper on wood, it’s true for neural pathways – it’s true for you and your self-identity.

How you perceive yourself is how you project yourself. 

Your perception is your reality.

✏️ List your Habits & Beliefs

Roadmap STEP 1 - Habits & Beliefs

Roadmap STEP 1 - Habits & Beliefs

It's time to acknowledge and gain awareness about your current Habits & Beliefs

You may feel stretched to list any or all of the habits and beliefs you currently hold, that's normal. Start small and add to the list over time. Every time you have an 'ah-ha' related to a habit or a belief, add it to the list.
It's important to document them here, as they bubble to the surface, because they are the building blocks of your future authentic personal brand.

Current habits that help me:

Current habits that hinder me:

Current beliefs that help me:

Current beliefs that hinder me:

For more help with Habits and Beliefs, check out the resources at the bottom of the page.

Self Identity

Your self identity informs your self worth. When you perceive yourself as someone who adds value in the world, you’ll perceive and project yourself as valuable.

You cannot sustainably project yourself publicly one way, while you privately perceive yourself, another. That’s a recipe for a mental health disaster in the long run, not to mention a disastrous approach to branding.

When your perceptions and projections are aligned, you’ll be more inspired and energised to create content and communicate your brand with the people who’ll most resonate with what you’re sharing because they’ll sense the authenticity of it. They may not be able to articulate a tangible reason that they’re drawn to you, they’ll just sense it. What they’re sensing is your belief in yourself, and that’s the secret sauce for easy sales and success.

If you’re not yet successful, it’s because you don’t perceive that you are and you don’t yet believe that you are. 

But it takes commitment on your part to be consistent in a way that builds and maintains useful habits and behaviours, the actioning and follow-through of which leads to self-integrity which ultimately results in self-trust.

When you trust, you believe.

So as your self-trust grows, so does your belief in your ability to physically affect your perception, aka your reality.

As you believe, so you’ll receive.





✏️ Complete the exercises in this step of the roadmap.