Tap into you Inner Sales Guru

Sales is integral to your business. You can have all the best journalling prompts in the world but it’s not going to get people paying you the big bucks! Having a wonderful, loving relationship with your inner sales guru is not only going to improve your overall wellbeing but also improve your bottom line! It’ll take you one step closer to your dreams!

This month, our guest expert is Arna van Gogh from Being Dutchanese.

We asked Arna to share a bit about herself:

Tell Us About yourself and your business

“I’m a business automations coach. This means I help online service-based entrepreneurs with scaling their business. I have helped entrepreneurs scale from 5 figures to 6 (and even 7 in one case) through my methods.
While I’m a big believer in “getting the mindset right”, I’m also very pragmatic. Business isn’t only about a great strategy, it’s about all the things that you do on the daily that brings future success.”

How did you come to creating a masterclass about Tapping into your own Sales Guru?

I’ve been teaching since the age of about 12… my parents owned a remedial school in Taiwan, which meant that on the odd occasion, I’d have to get up in front of a classroom of kids ranging from ages 10-17 and teach them English. It started a life-long love story I have with training. I live by the philosophy that I learn as if I’m going to teach, because at one point or another, I will be passing on information. Throughout my academic career I have always found myself in leadership positions and that has given me the confidence to speak in front of crowds of up to 800. In my sales career I always loved the idea of training- I would create training manuals for new people coming to work with whomever I was working with, and was a key transitional component in McKinsey Sydney Office’s move to virtual office support. I’ve now been coaching for over 3 years within my role as an online entrepreneur, and am looking forward to many more!

Why should women watch this masterclass?

I believe that there’s a bit of a gap missing in terms of focus on sales. You can be the best person you can be and have the mindset right but flail when it comes to sales (oh that even rhymes a little!). I think it’s important to understand the point of selling- bring in some real-life examples. The groundwork has already been very well laid out through the existing work you have, so I’d be focussed more on the actual sales process and the sales call itself. I’d also do a section on Sales Objections, and help uncover some important aspects of sales objections that might make calls a bit easier!


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In this masterclass on Tapping into your Inner Sales Guru, you’ll learn:

  • The key components of sales
  • When to get your prospects on the phone
  • How to talk to them
  • How to sell them
  • How to deal with objections

AND, Arna is offering Academy Members a 75% discount on a Business Audit call with her.

Still not convinced this masterclass is for you? 

Watch our live Q&A call with Arna where she shares supplementary advice and answers our member’s questions about the masterclass and what she teaches about sales….

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