The People who Shape us.

The People Who Shape Us

For Cristiano Renaldo or Serena Williams to soar to great heights and win the best player of the year and 24 grand slams takes more than just practice.
I absolutely believe in what Gary Player said “The harder I practice the luckier I get”, but to excel to the level where these sportsmen and women have gone, takes a lot more than just practice.

What does Cristiano Ronaldo do?

Cristiano has surrounded himself with the best coaches to help him excel, not only in the field of skill on the football field. He has someone who advises him daily and watches over his diet. Cristiano also has a sleep coach to make sure he gets adequate rest and quality deep sleep. He has someone advising him on how to handle the press, how to sit, stand, move and speak. Imagine a Cristiano Renaldo who lived off fast food and partied all night. I think we would all agree that he would not be the number one player if these were the choices he made.

For some reason, we look at these people and accept that they need technical coaches, fitness coaches, sleeping coaches, eating coaching, behavioral coaches and more, but in business, we still believe the harder I work by myself the better I will get at this.

This cannot be further from the truth.

What about us Entrepreneurs?

In my life, I have experienced this over and over. From a young professional life, I have been blessed with people who walked alongside me and who made a great impact and groomed me to excel in certain things. I still have them.

I have all the respect for a single mom with a house full of children and no support that makes it out there.
For me it has been an absolute breeze believing in myself. I have the support of a husband who has supported my every decision, putting full trust in what I do and how I do it.
I have had the honor of having a life coach who groomed me in business. Today, I still call him when I get stuck or when I am uncertain on how to handle a certain situation. He has taught me the art of gratitude and appreciating people. Before I met Carl, I think that my assumption was that everyone knew I appreciated him or her, everyone knew how I felt about his or her input. He has taught me to verbalize this.

For hours we sat and wrote future descriptions of how and where I see myself, what I want to accomplish, what behaviours I need to change and why.
I remember when I told him I wanted a Porche Targa he threatened to get the Porche dealership to call me on a monthly basis to see how far I am from coming in and purchasing my new vehicle.
We need these people in our lives.

I have also had friends who pushed me to go out there and enter competitions like Exporter of the year or Business Woman of the year. Becoming finalists in these events, boosted my self-esteem tremendously.

Growing up, I had a family who supported me and a mother who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Everything she never had, she decided her daughter would have. A university education, attending the best schools, a fairytale wedding. Even when I started my business, she did my bookkeeping for a few years, keeping me on the right track and controlling my cash flow.
I remember how she helped me when I started my first business selling towels from the factory in Wellington to the factory workers in Epping Industria. She would drive me there and drive me to Epping, help me unpack, help me manage my accounts and she made sure I made a profit.

I recently came back from an overseas trip. On this trip was a brilliant businesswoman, she is intelligent, well spoken but her downfall was that she does not take care of herself. I am telling you this to illustrate a point. It doesn’t matter how great she is, when she walked into that meeting where people didn’t know her, the only thing they saw was her sloppy jeans, uncombed hair and the fact that she was chewing gum. If only she had someone who could help her correct this behavior, the outcome of her meeting would’ve been completely different.

The Moral of My Story

The moral of my story is that there have been at least 50 people in my short life that have helped shape who I am today. I am proud to be a result of what they invested in me.
If it is ok for a sports celebrity to get help, why are we feeling the pressure in business to appear perfect, like we know it all? What is stopping us from being vulnerable and accepting advice and help?


If I can leave you with three things today it will be the following:

  1. Next year on your birthday bless yourself with an enrichment course. Attend something like Toastmasters or learn a new skill. Complete the course.
  2. Get up every morning and dress for success. Louboutin has become a multi-millionaire because he understands how women feel the minute they put on high heels.
  3. Take care of yourself and allow yourself to dream and have a fairytale future. Daydream about the future and go out and write that future description.


About the author:

Shantelle Booysen is the founder and CEO of Elim Spa Products.  An international Spa brand distributed in 18 countries around the globe.  She also has a business show on One FM which she co-presents and run her own business mentoring group in Cape Town.


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