The Personal Brand Intensive is open for registration!

Registration for the April Personal Brand Intensive (PBI) is OFFICIALLY OPEN and this is YOUR heads-up to get yourself in there before it fills up!

Here’s why you’ll want to do this today:

The number of registrations for this round of PBI is capped at 20.

This is NOT some smarmy marketing tactic to create a false sense of urgency.

There are 2 bona fide reasons why I’m keeping the group small, here’s why:

1) The way the PBI system has been setup is like no other online programme you’ve seen before – GUARANTEED!

Thanks to the tech wizardry performed on the backend you’ll be completing all the exercises online and by the end of the programme, you’ll have a fully completed Personal Brand Plan to download, reference and tweak for as long as the programme remains in existence.

To keep the system light and breezy, we’re keeping the group tight and squeezy.

2) Because this is a Personal Brand programme that focusses on real connection and communication, rather than teaching the latest Tik-Tok dance moves, it’s important that we actually feel connected in our twice weekly calls.

When the groups get too big, our fellow introverts will keep themselves quiet and unseen, which is the opposite of what this programme is here to help you do. 

So as you can see, you really need to act quick if you want to get in to this round of PBI.


Here’s what we cover in the Personal Brand Intensive (PBI)

Click here to watch a short clip about what’s behind each of these steps.


So what is the Personal Brand Intensive (PBI)?

As well as being a roadmap that prepares you for showing up more visibly confident and confidently visible, it’s an online container that not only educates you but also gets you to take action.

You see, what’s unique about this platform is that the work you do in each step, builds and populates future steps. So you HAVE to do the exercises in order to move forward.

If you’re a Procrastination Queen or a Professional Excuse Maker, then this is really going to help you actually do the work! 

You’ll have access to selected masterclasses, courses and resources that are otherwise only available to members of the Cafinnate Academy and you’ll join the PBI Telegram group to connect with your fellow PBI’ers.

By the end of the 12 weeks, as well as having already made significant internal and external shifts in yourself and your business, you’ll have created your own Personal Brand Plan to follow and execute on, so that you can continue to consistently grow your visibility, build your business and elevate your confidence.

If you’ve still got questions and you’d like a demo, let’s hop on a quick call and chat this week… Drop me a line

Shireen Kahn says…

“This program is phenomenal!!! You learn so much about yourself”

Rose McClement says…

“I’ve done this course. You will never regret diving into the content. It’s magical, transformative and fun to explore. I’ve been empowered with insights that inspire me towards new ways of seeing how to create visibility. Form new habits. #justdoit Or to quote Nespresso #whatelse”


The next PBI journey kicks off on 12th April 2021, so there’s not much time!

We offer 3 month payment plans too, so really, there’s no reason not to sign up.

register for PBI here

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